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Reverse Falls: Mabel Rises (Page 3) :iconriafire:RiaFire 410 30 Baby Girl - Kristoff and Heidi :iconnightliight:NightLiight 2,726 128 Angry Stag - Stag and the Maiden :iconnightliight:NightLiight 1,060 41 Spider Senses! :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 6,025 686 001-job hunting :iconsigeel:sigeel 571 102 Tokyo: Video Log of Project F.U.W :iconrockafiller:Rockafiller 98 6 Mystery Skulls - Revival - Chapter 1 :iconpetalthorn:Petalthorn 66 25
Drakken's Memoir - Chapter 1
[Note: After much deliberation I’ve decided to “blog” about my experiences so that I could refer to them for future study. This will also benefit me later if my memory, for any reason should fail me.
I would not have so readily given in to the idea of writing my memoir if not for the encouragement of my wife Shego and that of my good friend Roland, both of whom I am eternally grateful to.]

Not long after my initial exposure to the Hypo-Pollinator Mutagen, the effects of the mutation began to progress. It wasn’t just my neck the vines grew from… They began to emerge along the length of my spine as well.
Not only that, but the vines had become ultrasensitive as though they had literally become an extension of my central nervous system. I could feel everything they touched down to the slightest puff of breath. They were ten times stronger than that of the ordinary sense of touch. Even the most subtle of movements were agonizing. I couldn’t bear to
:iconvee-freak:Vee-Freak 28 8
A Jonavis story - chapter 2
Mavis and Jonathan returned to the hotel before the sun would rise. They went to the dinning room, where all the monsters for dinner and the band were was playing. Mavis found her father
in a table. Mavis turned to Jonathan.
"Jhonny, you stay here, I will tell my dad alone" She said. Jonathan frowned.
"Why can't I go with you?" he asked. Mavis sighed.
"Cause I want to tell him alone, okay?. Just stay here" She said walking away. Jonathan sighed and crossed his arms, looking away with a mean look.
Mavis came towards Dracula, who greeted her with a smile.
"Hi Mavy-Wavy!" He said. Mavis sat next to him.
"Hi dad" She said. Dracula looked over.
"Where is Jonathan?" he asked "I was expecting for you two. How was Hawaii?"
"Great dad, but there is something that I want to tell you" Mavis opened her mouth to talk, but the waiter gargoyles with a small table, covered with a tablecloth.
"May I take your order" He asked.
"I want black soup with tentacles. Not green soup, black soup, oh! and do not
:iconnikkixbones99:NikkiXbones99 4 2
Aster and Dante in the Woods
Aster’s stomach was growling.  For that matter, Dante’s was too, but he tried to hide that fact with well-timed coughs and grunts, while the princess made no such efforts.  Neither of them said anything about being hungry, though.  It probably would have been better if somebody had, because two hungry and tired people who are pretending not to be hungry and tired can only come to one unavoidable end – they must certainly start quarreling.
This is exactly what happened when Dante casually said something about hoping the princess was enjoying her ride, and she asked if he supposed that all this was her fault and with a distinct lack of his former careful formality, which had started to wear very thin over the course of the afternoon, he said that well, after all, it hadn’t been his idea to go out riding.  This was all the princess needed and with a rush of very mean gladness, they fell to quarreling with each other heated
:icontell-me-lies:Tell-Me-Lies 52 31
Lights! Camera! Ad-Lib! Chapter 1
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fanfiction Project
Title: Lights! Camera! Ad-lib!
Summary: Why Jessica would simply answer "He makes me laugh" to that one question that has always been thrown at her: "Seriously, what do you see in that guy?!"
Author's Note: I barely remember the movie as a kid so I watched it now after 10 years and I love it! Richard Williams rocks! But what had stood out for me besides the effort and quality of animation-live-action is Roger and Jessica's relationship. This story is inspired both by the movie and by EricaX's fanfiction: Afterwards.
Disclaimer: I own nothing in this fanfiction.
Proofread by ReadingRose459 (thank you so much! :D)
Chapter 1: He Makes Me Laugh
If Jessica had it her way, she would not be doing cartoon shows.
Yes, she is a toon. But ever since she agreed to the contract to play as an extra in The Baby Herman Show, singing on the s
:iconwhenyinmetyang:whenyinmetyang 12 5
The Nightmare Before Christmas Fanfic Rewrite Ch.1
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Rewrite
Chapter One: Where the Beginning Ends Up
I believe that this is the part where I tell you a story about how I ended up at an orphanage at the age of six after two policemen found me in a graveyard all alone and crying one night. If you would like to know that well, so would I. I am truly sorry to say this, but I honestly have no clue as to why I was out there with the dead with a face covered in tears. At one point, I was not sure if I was even crying at all, but that is what the police said when they were explaining the situation to the nuns who resided over the orphanage and policemen have no reason to say anything that was not true, right?
The nuns asked a lot of questions that night as well. What my name was, how old was I, and the usual what happened to me? I told them that my name was Clara, no last name that I am aware of, and that I was six years old at the time. As for what had happened to me, I could not tell them. I did not know what h
:iconkatninjagirl96:Katninjagirl96 9 5
Nicholas of Main Street Ch. 2
     “Table five needs another side of potatoes!” Nick cried back, while balancing another meal on his tray.  “And I still need the turkey dish for table seven!”
     “It’s coming! It’s coming!” April cried back impatiently.
     Nick checked his posture and opened the swinging door, letting in the pink pastel light bursting into the kitchen with the noises of a busy night.  He swerved his way around tables, moving chairs, and other obstacles as he made his way to the desired table.  Now if one were to watch Nick as he made his way through the labyrinth of a dinning room at the Plaza Inn, they could swear he was, in all actuality, dancing.  Truth be told, Nick was a dancer.  A very good one at that.  It compensated for his lack of other talents like playing piano or (his worst yet) singing.  But the most
:iconchoco-kun:Choco-Kun 9 19
In the River - ReginaldAlice
She was used to his persistence. She was used to his blackmailing. She was used to his freckles. She was also used to his large feet, large nose, and extremely large and obnoxious green hat. Alice was used to Reginald, a fact that looked like it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. It was hard not to grow used to something that was in your eyesight whenever you turned around. When she took her lunch break from the shop, he was there with his picnic basket wanting to know if she would please consider taking her break with him. He promised he wouldn’t try anything unless he got some subconscious tips from her mind that she wanted to be a place for him to rest his hands and ouch that hurt, why did you slap me?
The days grew longer as spring approached. The stream that they had once skated down (or slipped, in Alice’s case, as she wasn’t very good at the balancing-on-ice task) had started to melt and break apart. Finally, all th
:iconenchantedd:Enchantedd 27 32
His Secret Madness, Part 1
His Secret Madness
By: M. Greystone
Inspired by ~Lily-fox’s “Masquerade”; and of course Rain27 & Bri-chan’s “When Curiosity Met Insanity”
Just as a side note, this isn’t a part of the “Maddening Winter” series, this is a whole new tea-party, kids!
As always, I own nothing except my words…
Reginald Theophilus, III, Mad Hatter and hatter extraordinaire, pondered the sugar cube melting slowly in his teacup, the white-haired man amusing himself by picking up a spoonful of clotted cream and poking it at the surface of his drink to make a smiley face.  He frowned when the cream began to smear, the smile turning into a leer.  Good God, even his beverages were flirting with him these days!  He pushed the cup away and grabbed a new one before the tea could even think of chatting him up, he told himself as he poured a fresh round of tea.
He didn’t notice the intruder into his tea garden until a voice addressed h
:iconladymgreystone:LadyMGreystone 22 13


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